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ong distance calls take a toll on our budget, but keeping in touch with family and friends is an essential part of a happy, fulfilled life. We all would like to be able to make affordable calls to our loved ones. Luckily voice over IP came to our rescue and you don't have to pay long distance rates to your phone company. Using any phone, be it cell phone, home phone, or office phone, you can make cheap long distance calls to anywhere in the world. What's the gotcha? Well, there is no gotcha other than reading this page and learn what is avaialble to you as a customer.

You need to learn about internationa calling cards, best rates, no maintenance fee options, toll free numbers, local access numbers, PIN free calling, online pay, auto refill, all at best prices!

Middle East Calling Card
The Middle East Calling Card provides the best long-distance calling rates to many Middle East countries with high quality connection. The card has Toll Free Access Numbers in the US, Toll Free/Local Access Numbers in Canada, and Local Access Numbers in Europe. And you'll never have to pay a connection fee while using the MidEast card!

Solaris Calling Card
Solaris is a premium phonecard for calling from the USA and other 100 countries to any destination around the World. It is an excellent choice for home, business or traveling use. Solaris has no maintenance or connection fees. Solaris is a Permanent PIN calling card with a handy Refill feature and a PIN Free Access option. Best way to remain connected with your family, friends and business partners wherever you are!

Check out the rates for calling from France, calling from Germany, calling from Spain, calling from Russia. Solaris offers the lowest rates from all these and many more destinations without any maintenance or connection fees!

Tiger Calling CardThe Tiger Calling Card is a leading card for long-distance phone calls to Asian countries. It provides high quality connections and Toll Free Access for the US and Toll Free/Local Access for Canada. And it can also be used from Europe. The rates are very competitive, there is no connection fee for calls, and prompts are available in English, Chinese and Japanese. Call Asia and save money with the Tiger!

StarCall Calling Card
The StarCall Calling Card combines competitive rates with high quality connections. Call all around the world and enjoy the lowest long-distance rates for many destinations! Toll Free Access Numbers are available in the US and there is no connection fee. The StarCall card is truly stellar!

Bizon Calling Card
The Bizon is a Permanent PIN Calling Card with the handy Refill feature and PIN Free Access. Plus, there are no connection/maintenance fees and, best of all, you get very low calling rates to a wide array of countries all around the world. Get Toll Free Access and Local Access in the US and Canada as well as Local Access in Europe. A calling card that will make your life easier.

Don't wait! Pick your calling card and put your few cents to good use! No more paying excessive bills to the phone company! Cheers!


I want to know how to make international calls from multiple registered numbers without using lengthy pin, password and calling cards numbers,Easy with SimpleCall.It would be help full for me.

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